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Life Is Full of Flavor (and Fun)

And guess what? We want to help you find it. That’s why we’re constantly brewing up new flavors, new experiences, and new ideas – to help you make the most out of life. Cheers to that, party people.

Meet Truly


When we say No One is Just One Flavor, we mean no one. That’s why we’re joining forces with Dua Lipa, Grammy Award-winning icon/Dog Mom/Yoga Enthusiast to celebrate the unique flavors that make us each who we are.

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Who’s Ready to Pop Off This Summer?

Take your summer to the next level with new Truly Lemonade Freeze Pops. Three of your fave flaves - Original Lemonade, Mango Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade - now in delicious frozen form that contains 5% abv./vol, 80 calories, and unlimited summer fun. Go ahead, pop one.

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Our Biggest Flavor Yet

Introducing Truly Punch: Sweet and sour, light and refreshing, and bursting with juicy fruit flavors, it’s everything you never knew a hard seltzer could be.

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World's First Hard Seltzer-Infused Candy

Truly, and luxury candy brand, Sugarfina, come together for a first-of-its-kind collaboration to bring hard seltzer and candy fans a truly sweet treat for summer.

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Up Your
Cooler Game

From Iced Tea and Lemonade to Punch and Extra, we’ve got 27 flavors (and counting) for every occasion. Yes, even Tuesdays.


No One Is Just One Flavor

Share Your Seltz

The only thing we love more than you doing your thing is when you share it with us. Got a favorite flavor? A fresh new cocktail? A Truly tattoo? Tag @truly or use #NoOneIsJustOneFlavor to show off your best seltzer stories, moments, and recipes.

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The reviews are also sparkling


“Long story short: We're obsessed with them all.” – The Daily Meal

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“Truly's new Tropical Mix Pack of hard seltzers is the refreshing, easy-to-carry summer drink you absolutely need.” – Delish

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“Truly Seltzer is a great brand to get to know if you like variety in your life, as they have 13 different styles of seltzer for you to sip on.” – Romper

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